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Vol. 4 Issue 8 Feb 2018
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IJSTE | Effect of #Blend Ratio of Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and Diesel Fuel on the Performance of Single Cylinder CI Engine


Depleting quantity of Conventional Fuel has been focused as a greater problem these days. Day by day, quantity of Petroleum, Crude Oil has more utilisation and lesser production. Increasing use of Petrol & Diesel has made the people of the world to think for some alternative way for energy resources. At the same time. Other rising problem against the people of the world is increase in plastic waste and recycling of the same. Both of the issues are focused and efforts are made to get optimum solution. An experimental setup has been prepared for Plastic Pyrolysis oil and Diesel Blend to be used in single cylinder, 4-stroke CI engine. Plastic Pyrolysis oil is obtained from plastic waste by pyrolysis process. Pyrolysis process is a thermo-chemical decomposition of organic matter in absence of oxygen. Blending of pyrolysis oil with diesel helps to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel. The variation in the Blending ratio of Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and Diesel fuel affects the engine performance as well as exhaust emission data. To understand the variation in Engine performance, different Blends of Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and Diesel Fuel were prepared and experimentations were done by running these blends separately in engine with various loads at Injection Pressure of 190 bar. Blends were prepared for 10%, 20%, 30% and 50% of Plastic Pyrolysis Oil with 90%, 80%, 70% and 50% of Diesel Fuel respectively. Effect of Engine performance of each were compared by Graphical representation of different performance parameters.

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  1. Kagdi Dhruvin Nileshkumar , L. D. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
  3. Tushar M. Patel, LDRP – ITR
  4. Gaurav P. Rathod, LDRP – ITR

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